New Appearance of Diving-Greece.net
Written by Carsten   
Saturday, 05 April 2008

Some of you may know Diving-Greece already and notice the major change on the website.

What has changed?

Apart from a little "Brush-Up" on the design the technical part has changed significantly:

  • Dive Centers can now log on and update their own data themselves. 
  • Dive Centers are able (and encouraged) to submit news related to diving in Greece.
  • Dive-Centers and Divers can submit descriptions of dive sites.
  • A very efficient search function allows visitors to look for specific things to see or specific locations to find details on where to find them and who to book the dive with. Hence we encourage authors to be detailed. 

We hope you appreciate the changes and encourage you to contribute to the further development of this website. With your help we want to make this website the most complete guide for Diving in Greece!

Thank you.

Carsten Schmidt 

Dive sites on Crete
Written by Willem J. Habets   
Thursday, 24 April 2008

If you visit Crete, you have to dive those places!!!


1, Seadream House Reef, Ammoudi, Lefkogia-Rethymno
2, Skinaria Cave-Ammoudi, Lefkogeia-Rethymno
3, Skinaria canyons-Ammoudi, Lefkogeia-Rethymno
4, Skinaria Walls-Ammoudi, Lefkogeia-Rethymno
5, Grouper Rock Skinaria-Ammoudi, Lefkogeia-Rethymno

Diving in Lefkas
Written by Carsten   
Tuesday, 08 April 2008
Diving is Not permitted beneath Poseidon temple at Cap Souniou, however the rest of the area is open to diving, ie along the coast to Souniou, Patrokolos and Arsida Islands, where we dive. For night dives, authorization must be obtained from the local port police prior to the dive, listing name of divers, certification number, boat registration if a night dive from a boat. If it is a night dive from a boat you must have VHS on board, a mobile phone is not acceptable. Other current restrictions:

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